Who We Are

In all we do, we strive to empower purpose, cultivate excellence, and care for people. We want our clients to know that they are in good hands, that we are invested in them, and want to see them thrive. Our desire is to empower you with a sense of confidence & poise and to equip you to empower purpose in others. 

Our Story

Meet Noel Asmar

Noel Asmar is a Canadian designer with an innate curiosity for the way people live. Her passion for cultural diversity and languages drew her overseas at a young age to pursue a career in international hotel management and marketing. Noel immersed herself in communities rich in history, masterly in fashion, surrounded in art, and transcendent in the depths of culinary flavors. Ultimately, it was the accrual of these experiences that led her to find her own form of expression through design.

Constantly inspired by the people around her, Noel continued her design journey after returning to Canada from her management days with international hoteliers. In 2002, Noel designed what came to be known as the first “designer spa uniform”.  With a decade in luxury hospitality, Noel identified opportunities to heighten team morale through innovative and purpose-driven designs, creating a fresh, modern & elevated approach to uniforms. Her concept of spa uniforms was quickly adopted to replace the utilitarian and unflattering ones the industry had grown accustomed to. The natural evolution was to create a collection of a premium spa, wellness & hotel uniforms to elevate the look and feel for this growing industry.

17 years later, Noel and her team continue to set new industry trends and lead in the next generation of uniform concepts. Her continued commitment to empower people is expressed not only through her uniforms but also in her personal achievements and involvement in the spa and hospitality industries. Noel has sat on the Board of Directors for the International Spa Association ( ISPA )  for six years and was selected to uniform the Canadian Equestrian Team for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Noel is a rider and  has expanded her brand with the launch of her contemporary Equestrian Apparel label Asmar Equestrian in 2011.  Her designs have garnered international acclaim, features in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, while her continuous pursuit to innovate and create has led her to be recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs.