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A privately held corporation focused on premium niche markets within the Spa & Wellness industry and the Equestrian Sport. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2002, the Noel Asmar Group (NAG) has expanded into multiple divisions including: Asmar Equestrian, Noel Asmar Uniforms, and Pedicure Bowls. With a focus on clever, purpose-driven design, Noel and her team work to innovate and deliver quality products & services that elevate the performance & lifestyle of our clients worldwide.

Noel Asmar uniforms

Noel Asmar Uniforms is synonymous for Style + Function where quality is never compromised. Thoughtfully designed pieces with functional details, always focusing on the experience of the wearer and their guest. For Spa & Wellness professionals searching for stylish, functional uniforms that meet the needs of practitioners and management who seek a practical, functional, value driven product & service that empowers a team to provide the best guest experience.

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Asmar Equestrian

Asmar Equestrian launched in 2011 with “The All Weather Rider”™ Jacket winning most innovative rider apparel of the Year. Riders around the world immediately fell in love with the high quality, modern sensibility, and the brand has expanded to include high performance outerwear, technical tops, show apparel, breeches, sustainable collections and Italian leather accessories. Asmar Equestrian  is a global equestrian brand aimed at empowering riders to feel confident and prepared with purpose driven clothing and accessories. Our innovative approach, commitment to quality and ultimately an undying passion for the horse, shapes all that is Asmar Equestrian. Known for dressing the Canadian Equestrian Team for RIO Olympics 2016 and WEG in Tryon in 2018.

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pedicure bowls

The portable, lightweight collections provide spas, nail bars & wellness centers an alternative to noisy thrones and the ability to ‘spa anywhere’ – poolside, in a lobby, celebrity spa parties or anywhere one can imagine creating a relaxing experience for a guest or oneself. The pedicure bowl collection is ergonomic and ‘made to be mobile’ with the ability to be plumbed for a fixed pedicure station. An ideal option for architects and interior designers looking to create their own unique pedicure environments and a strategic window of opportunity to service the quickly growing Nail Bar industry worldwide through personalized at home spa services.

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