Our Core Values

we are family first

We embrace out differences and have each others backs. We operate within our working family that is diverse and unique, and we learn to trust and encourage one another.

we are humble & hospitable

We welcome each visitor as a guest in out home, and we treat everyone with equal respect. 

we are intrapreneurs

We foster a safe environment for our people to thrive and seek improvement. We accept failure as a life lesson on the path to greatness and never lose sight of why we are here. 

we believe wellness matters

We believe that thoughtful design is a powerful model for wellbeing. It encompasses the body, the mind and the spirit.

we are customer obsessed

We believe that everything starts with out customers we founded our business on one simple principle: how can we improve the way our clients work and move. 

We are global citizens

We were honored to receive the ISPA 2019 Innovator of the Year Award & Innovate Award for our Sustainability Collection.