Sourcing Fabrics
With a Purpose

"World travel has opened my eyes to a
variety of local styles and the use of color in
fabrics across cultures, societies and people."

- Noel Asmar



Luxury blended silk. Made in Italy.

Our innovative new silk fashions enhance the natural elasticity of silk with added spandex for an extremely comfortable and luxurious stretch. Incredibly soft to the touch, this lightweight yet durable fabric transitions throughout the day with it’s natural breathability and temperature regulating properties.

Produced in Italy, this artisan fabric is lustrous and flowing, with an elegant drape that contours your natural silhouette.


79% polyester, 21% spandex with chitosante treatment

Breech Fabric.


High Performance.


Originating from our award-winning equestrian line, this high stretch fabric effortlessly transition from athletic wear to luxury fashion. These form-fitting designs hug your body for a silhouette that is comfortably you. 

51% Cotton  /  39% Nylon  /  10% Spandex





Modal is a plant-based fiber renowned for its natural breathability and incredible texture. Characteristically smooth and silk-like, this luxuriously soft fabric is the ideal indulgence that is as comfortable as it is fashionable.


96% Modal / 4% Spandex



Fine Linen.


Eco-friendly and naturally derived from the flax plant, our linen blend is a luxurious woven fabric that is incredible durable and softens with wear.  The natural fibers are hypo allergenic and ultra breathable, inherently keeping each garment’s form while softening desirably with time.


54% Linen / 43% Rayon / 3% Spandex